I love to help students build a strong foundation and understanding of chemistry to excel in their classes and exams. 

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Alice Bergeson

My secret facts

The secret facts that defines my zodiac and my universe.

My Favorite Things:

Lab experiments that ends in some type of pyrotechnics.

My First Love Is:

Ballet, actually. But since that didn't work out, CHEMISTRY!

My Ultimate Goals In Life Is:

Help my students find joy in all they do, especially chemistry 🙂


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I have worked with MsB for several years now. She has helped me with a particularly difficult chapter in AP Chem where I just couldn't understand the reaction mechanics. She broke down the process step-by-step and made it easy to remember.

AP Chemistry Student


Yes, I have a podcast where I talk about chemistry stuff.  It’s not weird at all.

Meet the team

Special thanks to my team for making this job easy. They’re the ones answering your questions and forwarding me the tough ones.

Head Honcho + AP Chem Intern

AP Chem Student

Researcher Assistant

I love teaching chemistry and look forward to helping you reach your academic goals.