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One-on-One personalised tutoring for students anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel confident in class, in the laboratory, and on your exams.

General Tutoring

My general tutoring services goes beyond just helping you understand the material; I will help you master essential concepts and develop a broad understanding of chemical principles. Through practice problems, review sessions, and detailed explanations, you'll build fundamental skills that will put you ahead in class - so you can have the tools to excel on exam day.

General Tutoring

Chemistry Homework

You don’t need to tackle challenging homework assignments alone anymore! I can provide step-by-step support through my comprehensive homework services, ensuring that concepts are fully grasped along the way. Get your questions answered quickly and receive personal attention in our private one-on-one homework session.

Chemistry Homework

Test Preparation Strategies

I also offer test preparation support tailored to each student's needs so they can confidently approach their exams with full mastery of subject material. You'll learn key skills like how to save time when primed under pressure, which sections take priority over others while taking tests, and much more!

Test Preparation Strategies

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Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. Together we'll conquer chemistry concepts you're struggling with.


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Students agree that our tutoring session have helped them excel in their chemistry classes.

Wheel of Knowledge

Take a quick assessment to rate your proficiency in various concepts of chemistry and see what areas of you need to improve on. It's totally free.


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Grab all my free resources to fast track your understanding of chemistry concepts and ace your exams.

Study Guide Hacks

This curated checklist will give you a head start to build your own one-page study guide. It comes in handy in group study sessions.

Preparing for the AP Exam

In this extensive eBook, I have shared some guides, tips, and tricks on how to efficiently study for the Chemistry AP Exam. The eBook also covers all the concepts you should know for the exam.


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